AppAdvice Acquisition by Busy Pixel Media / XDA-Developers acquisition which was represented by and acquired by Busy Pixel Media on August 2nd, 2021.

WeBrokr is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of, which has been acquired by USA-based Busy Pixel Media. AppAdvice was founded in 2008 by Mahmoud Hafez.

Mahmoud and his team grew the AppAdvice brand into one of the most respectable and well known Apple iOS App communities in the world. The news and reviews they provided to App Store users was unparalleled at time of launch, and remained an extremely lucrative business model for the entire duration of the brands existence.

WeBrokr represented and advised Mahmoud and the AppAdvice team from listing through successful completion of acquisition.


Logan Abner of WeBrokr had this to say regarding the acquisition of AppAdvice:

“We are very pleased to announce the successful deal completion of AppAdvice. When Mahmoud launched the brand in 2008 it was so incredibly far ahead of its time. Not many realized the true potential of the Apple app store in 2008, and looking back over the years it’s easy to see now why it was such a success. The brand helped many millions of people across the globe with their trustworthy reviews of all the iOS apps. We’re excited to see what the great team at Busy Pixel Media / XDA-Developer has planned for going forward!” Acquisition Update as of 2023:

Busy Pixel Media, along with AppAdvice, has been acquired by Valnet Inc.