Screen Rant

Screen Rant

WeBrokr has successfully brokered the acquisition of Screen Rant to Valnet Inc.

Logan Abner of WeBrokr represented Screen Rant Founder Vic Holtreman in the transaction.

At the time of acquisition was one of the top 10 largest entertainment publishing properties in the world.

Valnet has grown Screen Rant into their flagship publishing property over the past several years. Screen Rant now ranks as one of the top 500 most visited web sites in the world according to SimilarWeb, generating a staggering 110,000,000 Sessions per month!

Official WeBrokr internal Press Release – WeBrokr

Official Valnet Press Release – PR Newswire


Broker: Logan Abner
Phone: 1-513-888-8021

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Financial Snapshot
Annual Revenue : Private
Annual Expenses : Private
Annual Profit : Private
Traffic Snapshot
Monthly Uniques : 65,000,000
Monthly Pageviews : 135,000,000

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