Premium Gaming Website & Forum

Premium Gaming Website & Forum

MMORPG has been acquired by M.O.B.A. Network. Please see our Acquisition Summary for full transaction details.

Original MMORPG listing summary below: is the leading website for MMO & MMORPG gaming news and reviews.

Founded in 2002, the company is headed by its two long-time Founders, and is staffed by four part-time employees (one editor, one game list manager, one news manager and one community manager), as well as ten freelance writers. All staff & freelancers work remote.

While the founders are still involved in the business, their roles are primarily focused ad sales & routine programming maintenance.

MMORPG has published over 15,000 unique articles in total, and currently publishes 80-90 news & reviews articles per week. also boasts the most active MMORPG forum, and one of the most active gaming forums in general, with 3,600,000 registered members.

Please email us to request a copy of the Sales Prospectus which highlights the company on a deeper level.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Broker: Logan Abner
Phone: 1.513.888.8021

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Financial Snapshot
Annual Revenue : $450,000
Annual Expenses : $200,000
Annual Profit : $250,000
Traffic Snapshot
Monthly Uniques : 1,300,000
Monthly Pageviews : 2,500,000
Deal Snapshot
Seller Open To Offers :
Verified Video Stats :
Site Visibility
Google PageRank : 7
Alexa Rank : 20,552
Inbound Links : 1,681,000
Domain/Site Information
Domain Registration : 1999/07/08
Site Established : 2002/04/01
Monetize Summary
» Monetized mainly through directly sold digital advertising relationships, as well as programatic advertising

Revenue Details: 2019 topline revenue of $400,000
2020 projected topline revenue of $475,000

Traffic Details: Traffic is a solid mix of organic (Google), direct, and social traffic.

Expense Details: Main expense is for part time staff, as well as the freelance writers

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