Matt J.

After 11 years, I decided to sell We Got This Covered and am happy that I was able to connect with Logan and the team at WeBrokr, who assisted in the process. He was able to help prepare the necessary documents, financials, presentations and more to present to potential buyers, and connect me with a wide range of companies who were interested. He effectively managed everything that came along with the sale and brought in multiple offers, ultimately leading to the one we went with which resulted in a successful transaction for all parties.”

Daniel A.

Logan’s communication was fast, responsive and mindful of the different time-zones. The assistance with the initial creations and amendments to the LOI and Sale Agreement was very helpful.

Shannon S.

Logan worked to find the absolute best buyer for my established coupon website. Price was only part of the equation for me as I wanted to make sure the business I had grown over several years would continue to thrive with the new owner.

Jack D.

Before contacting WeBrokr we had a few potential buyers contact us directly through email and phone calls but none of their offers met our expectations.

James A.

Working with Logan and WeBrokr was a wonderful experience. He made each step easy and was always available for updates and calls.