Financial Snapshot
Annual Revenue: $250,000
Annual Expenses: $16,000
Annual Profit: $234,000
Traffic Snapshot
Monthly Uniques: 17,500,000
Deal Snapshot
Current Asking Price: $225,000
Verified Video Stats:
Domain/Site Information
Domain Registration: 2015-03-03
Site Established: 2015-03-03
Monetize Summary
» Google Adsense for YouTube

Revenue Details:
Current monthly revenues of $30,000+

Traffic Details:
Viewers are 100% organic and find their way to the channels videos through YouTube search and the related videos sidebar on other YouTube videos.

Expense Details:
Expenses are very lean with the main expense being the video editor who handles 10-12 videos per month.

Video Editor: $1,200/Month
Voice freelancer: $250/Month
Writer: $200/Month

Industry / Keywords:
YouTube channel, videos, Adsense


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