Largest Movie News & Reviews Site (Not ScreenRant)

Largest Movie News & Reviews Site (Not ScreenRant)

For sale is the largest independently owned movie news and reviews site. This property was launched in 1998 and has since grown to become the go to destination for everything movie related ranging from reviews, interviews, videos, and more. The site has been featured in over 20 news publications world wide including TIME, Variety, and Entertainment Weekly all offering high praise to the publication and its continued success throughout the years. One key feature that sets this property apart from competitors is the ever growing Youtube channel that far outmatches its competition in both subscribers and daily video views.

Broker: Logan Abner
Phone: 1-513-320-6007

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Financial Snapshot
Annual Revenue : $992,000
Annual Expenses : $429,000
Annual Profit : $550,000
Traffic Snapshot
Monthly Uniques : 3,000,000
Monthly Pageviews : 13,000,000
Deal Snapshot
Current Asking Price : $3,250,000
Seller Open To Offers :
Verified Video Stats :
Site Visibility
Google PageRank : 7
Alexa Rank : 6,000
Inbound Links : 14,400
Google Backlinks : 9,800
Domain/Site Information
Domain Registration : 1998-08-14
Site Established : 1998-10-12
Monetize Summary
» Site is monetized through display CPM ads which are run through two ad networks. The video ads are run through a separate network which accounts for 25% of the total revenue.

Revenue Details: Revenue has grown yearly for the past eight years and earned $992,000 for the previous fiscal year (April 13' - April 14'

Traffic Details: Traffic comes from an even breakdown of organic, social, and direct.

Expense Details: Freelance writers and editors account for the majority of expenses which is upwards of $400k a year.

Industry / Keywords: movies, entertainment, review, TV, actors

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