Financial Snapshot
Annual Revenue: $300,000 - Purposely under monetized
Annual Expenses: $24,000
Annual Profit: $276,000
Traffic Snapshot
Monthly Uniques: 4,000,000
Monthly Pageviews: 26,000,000
Deal Snapshot
Current Asking Price: $3,250,000
Seller Open To Offers:
Verified Video Stats:
Site Visibility
Google PageRank: 5
Alexa Rank: 11,000
Inbound Links: 9,200
Google Backlinks: 6,700
Domain/Site Information
Domain Registration: 2011-10-06
Site Established: 2011-10-06
Monetize Summary
» Diverse revenue sources of CPM display ads, affiliate links, & premium member ads

Revenue Details:
$300,000 net revenue however the revenue is purposely under monetized. The owners have focused strictly on user growth over the past four years and only run the bare bones in terms of ads and revenue generation.

Traffic Details:
Traffic comes from a diverse breakdown of Social Media, Organic Search, and Direct

Expense Details:
No employees, all content is curated by the users. One owner is the only person who has a small day to day role. Expenses are only hosting which is $2,000 a month.

Industry / Keywords:
fahsion, shopping, social media, social shopping, lifestyle, consumer products


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