Fraud-Prevention Publisher With Many Growth Opportunities

Fraud-Prevention Publisher With Many Growth Opportunities
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SOLD: has been sold by WeBrokr as of February 24th, 2024. You can view our official Press Release for the Scam Detector acquisition here.


WeBrokr is proud to present a wonderful new acquisition opportunity in the fraud-prevention and scam-awareness publishing category.

The Founder operates this business as a ‘lifestyle’ business while traveling the globe filming his TV Show. His average weekly time commitment is very minimal, only spending 2-3 hours per week working on the business. There are plethora of very low hanging fruit that can be implemented shortly after acquisition closure by an acquirer.

This publisher comes with a proprietary data tool, which sets it apart from any competition and provides a strong technical moat. Due to its popularity, the company boasts monthly session figures ranging between 2 million to 2.5 million, and a dedicated community of over 170,000 double opt-in newsletter subscribers.

Key Business Features:

  • Well-Established Brand: Founded in 2011, the company has seen steady and consistent growth year over year.
  • Niche Leader: A well known brand force in the fraud-prevention and online scam awareness industry.
  • Proprietary Data Tools: The company has created a propriety data tool that helps protect millions of users each month.
  • Large Active Userbase: The company benefits from an engaged userbase, with monthly session numbers ranging from 2 – 2.5m, and pageviews ranging from 2.5 – 3m.
  • Thriving Community: Over 170,000 double opt-in members contribute to an active, dedicated community, with growing historical traffic levels and engagement.

Growth Opportunities:

The acquisition presents a wealth of low-hanging growth opportunities. Prospective acquirers can maximize the potential of this publishing brand by:

  • Google Adsense: This brand is currently monetized through programmatic advertising via Google Adsense. It is very rare to see a publisher of this size in any category still monetized primarily through Google Adsense. By implementing a more premium advertising partner there is immediate 30% revenue upside potential to be unlocked.
  • Marketplace: There is already immediate interest from the user base to procure scam detection and prevention software tools. A marketplace has already been built by the current owner, but not yet implemented. The marketplace codebase will come with the acquisition and can be implemented upon deal closure.
  • Premium Membership: With over 170,000 double opt-in newsletters subscribers, there is immediate opportunity to provide them with an ad-free experience through a premium monthly subscription tier.
  • Tech Licensing: The proprietary data tool can be licensed out to 3rd party operators.


This is a unique opportunity for a company or individual to either enter into the fraud prevention and scam awareness industry, or expand their existing portfolio with a well-established, profitable and growing property.

Please contact us to review the official Sales Prospectus on this opportunity.

Broker: Logan Abner
Phone: 1-513-888-8021

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Financial Snapshot
Annual Revenue : $609,000
Annual Expenses : $145,000
Annual Profit : $464,000
Traffic Snapshot
Monthly Uniques : 2,200,000
Monthly Pageviews : 2,500,000
Deal Snapshot
Current Asking Price : $2,000,000
Seller Open To Offers :
Verified Video Stats :
Site Visibility
Alexa Rank : 5,000
Inbound Links : 78,000
Google Backlinks : 101,000
Domain/Site Information
Domain Registration : 2011/01/04
Site Established : 2011/01/20
Monetize Summary
» Primary: Google Adsense


» Secondary: Lead Gen and Affiliate

Revenue Details: Majority of revenue is from Google Adsense, with secondary income from relevant affiliate deals and lead gen of the newsletter

Traffic Details: 100% organic traffic from search (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

Expense Details: Contractors, writers, tech development, software tools

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