Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Wiki & Publishing Property

NOTICE: This listing has been officially acquired and is no longer for sale. Please review our official press release of the Yugipedia and YGOrganization acquisition for more details.

WeBrokr is pleased to announce we are listing two legacy publications within the Yu-Gi-Oh! community in a combo deal:


Key Features:

  1. Largest Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki: Yugipedia.com is the largest Yu-Gi-Oh! related Wiki and community in the world. Founded in 2018, the Wiki is run by a community of 50+ passionate volunteers.
  2. Largest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Publication: YGOrganization.com is the largest news, reviews and tips publication in the world for Yu-Gi-Oh! The website was founded in 2013 by the Yu-Gi-Oh! North American Grand Master, Dan Parker, as a personal blog. Since that time Dan has grown the publication into a massive brand with millions of pageviews per month.
  3. Impressive Reach: The two brands have a combined reach of over 15,000,000 pageviews per month, along with a loyal following on various social media platforms.
  4. Diverse Content Offering: The Yugipedia wiki covers every single card in existence, even cards that Konami does not have cataloged. YGOrganization covers upcoming card releases and tournament results within the trading card game.
  5. Significant Revenue Potential & Growth Opportunities: The high traffic and niche focus provide a strong foundation for multiple monetization strategies, offering significant revenue upside potential. The brands are currently monetized via Playwire.

Acquiring these brands offers a buyer a strong entry point (or expansion opportunity) into the growing Trading Card Gaming and Anime markets. The shear trust that the Yu-Gi-Oh! community has in both of these brands is nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

For more detailed information on the Yugipedia.com acquisition and / or the YGOrganization.com acquisition, please get in touch with Logan Abner of WeBrokr.