Yu-Gi-Oh! Publisher and Data Provider


WeBrokr is pleased to announce the listing of a legacy data provider and content publication within the Yu-Gi-Oh! ecosystem.

Key Features:

  1. Largest Yu-Gi-Oh! Data Provider: The Yu-Gi-Oh! ecosystem spans 25+ years of trading cards and anime, along with more than 12 video game releases. This company tracks more than 13,000 unique cards, 130,000 unique decks, gameplay strategies, tournament outcomes, and much more. It is a go-to source for any player or fan within the Yu-Gi-Oh! ecosystem.
  2. Large Yu-Gi-Oh! Content Publisher: This property boasts a relatively large content publishing arm alongside its data tools. Even though content is not the core focus of this business, it still ranks as one of the largest publishers for news, reviews, tips, etc within the Yu-Gi-Oh! community.
  3. Massive Reach: This brand averages over 9,200,000 Pageviews monthly on its core website, along with millions of impressions monthly across X, Facebook and Discord.
  4. Massive Registered User Base: This brand has over 180,000 registered users on its web property, and many more on its Discord server. This brand is very well positioned as registered users become even more valuable in a cookie-less world.
  5. Strong Technological Moat: The data tools deployed by this brand are 100% proprietary and can only be found here. No one else in the trading card game industry is providing these types of tools. The development of these data and tech tools has been ongoing for years, which provides a significant tech moat to limit future competitors.

Acquiring this brand offers any buyer a great entry point (or bolt on opp) into the growing Trading Card Gaming and Anime markets. The reputation as being the go-to data tool platform within this community is something that can’t be found elsewhere.

For review of the official Sales Prospectus please get in touch with Logan Abner of WeBrokr.