Premium Listing – Mens Fashion Editorial Site: $853K Revenue 2014

Welcome to our first Premium Listing! Invited Buyers with this exact link are the only people able to access this listings. If you’re reading this page you a part of our select group of Buyers and fit our criteria for Premium Acquisitions. Please see below for a quick overview of the Leading Mens Fashion Editorial site for sale. If interested in reviewing the full Sales Prospectus of the mens fashion site for sale company please email us directly or call our Founder and Head Broker, Logan Abner directly – 513.320.6007.

The Site is a leader in the mens fashion & style industry. Founded in 2007, the Site has grown to establish itself as a leading resource for those who are passionate about mens fashion, style, trends, and menswear news.

Each month the Site attracts 2,300,000 highly-targeted unique visitors and 5,300,000 pageviews to the Site through a diverse mix of traffic sources including 55% from Organic Search. Total unique visitors have grown by 44% year over year which can be heavily attributed to catering to mobile users as well as the growing presence in the US mens fashion market. Revenue growth has also been trending continually upwards with year over year fiscal growth of 38%. The Site also has several of the largest menswear social media accounts in the fashion space bearing the company name and representing half a million users across their social accounts.

Trailing 12 Months:

21M Uniques/55M Pageviews
55% Organic Search, 25% Direct
Great Profit Margin, Minimal expenses
$853K Gross Revenue
$638K Net Profit

Sales Deck with full site overview and metrics available upon request. Please email or call directly.