Premium Mobile App News & Reviews Website

Founded in 2008, AppAdvice has been the leading online resource for millions of users around the world looking for honest mobile app news & reviews.

The website boasts very impressive numbers across the board!

On the content side, the website has over 5.2m published pages on Google, 82,000 published reviews/news articles and 1,700 ‘app-collections’.

AppAdvice is able to accomplish such strong original content even with limited team size to do the incredible machine learning technology built into the backend of the website over the last 12+ years.

For revenue the company currently generates $174,000+ yearly, primarily from Google Adsense on However, there is a TON of revenue potential for both directly sold CPI ads to mobile developers and monetizing the company apps & YouTube channels which haven’t been monetized yet at this time.

Included in this acquisition along with the website is the very popular iOS app AppsGoneFree, AppAdvice app, YouTube Channels, social media accounts and 6 additional domain names related to the company.

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing opportunity please don’t hesitate to reach out and we will provide you with a full Sales Prospectus.

Leading Movie App (SOLD)

 TodoMovies, released by Taphive GmbH in 2013, is a highly-rated apple store application which allows the user to manage movies on their to-watch or have-watched list. It has been featured by Apple, Empire Magazine, MacStories, and many others.

This movie app is unlike any other as it allows the user to create custom watch lists while simultaneously discovering new movies. TodoMovies features stunning edge-to-edge movie posters along with many other unique features including bonus scene indicators, cast profiles, movie release notifications, sleek news reader with  up-to-date articles on movies and celebrity news, social media sharing tool, an Apple Watch app and many more features that allow the user to experience movies like never before. 

With an average 4.41 out 5 star app store rating and over 1k reviews, TodoMovies had over 340k installations in the last year and over 100k sessions in the last 30 days.

Premium Viral Video site

For sale is a very large viral video network which is known as being the originator for very newest viral videos on the internet. The site features dozens of new YouTube videos weekly on both their website and their highly followed social media pages. Over the last two years the site has grown to astronomical daily user levels with the help of a strong social media presence. Amazing opportunity for any Buyer looking to be at the forefront of one of the most consistent niches  online; Viral Video.

Leading International Time & Weather site

For sale is one of the most well known and visited time & weather sites. The site has been professionally translated into 29 languages and has been mobile-optimized to rank for the top keywords in all countries. The property is generating close to $400,000 in top line revenues & $350,000 in net profits yearly, with minimal daily management time needed from the owner. Full Sales Prospectus available upon request.

Largest World News Site

For sale is the largest world news site for ‘alternative news’, which is typically not be covered by the mainstream media. Bias has always been an issue for any news agency since the dawn of time. The Owner of this site set out to change the way breaking news & world events are written, covered & what gets the most attention based on what the user-base wants to read. This model has proven to be incredibly popular which is proven by in their enormous growth over the past six years. The site is also very profitable, making $1.4m in topline revenues and $475,000 in EBITDA (net profits) yearly. Full Sales Prospectus available upon request.

eCommerce Wedding Ring Dropship site

For sale is one of the leading men and women’s wedding ring sites for this specific type of ring. The Seller has done an excellent job cornering this portion of the wedding ring market with his proven marketing strategies. The site generates gross revenues of $170,000 and net profits of $36,000 yearly. All rings are dropshipped from two established vendors, so no inventory or shipments need to be worried about by the owner. The business is very hands off, there are no employees and the marketing strategy can be set up once per week and left to run on auto-pilot.

Please feel free to contact us via email, Skype, or phone and we will gladly send over all details including the URL, sales figures, and traffic statistics. More info on revenue & expenses below.

-This website has been successfully acquired. Logan Abner, Founder & Head Broker of WeBrokr, completed the deal

Popular ‘Nerd’ Blog

Six year old ‘Nerd’ blog with humor and news content ranging from Star Wars, Star Trek, Fan Fiction, Comics, and more. This property is currently owned by a large media company who is looking to move in another direction with their Owned & Operated sites which is why they are selling. The company only runs direct advertising across their entire network and because this property is the smallest of the lot it only gets their remnant ad space which is limiting the amount of revenue it can earn. With that said this property has been run and managed by just one employee so a transition will be very simple and the workload is very light. [email protected]

Huge Social-Shopping Site

This site is a leader in the shopping, fashion, food, style, trends and social media industries. Founded in 2011 and based in Washington, DC, the site has grown to establish itself as a leading destination for both men and women who are interested in sharing the newest trends ranging from fashion to shopping and movies to food.
Each month the site attracts 4,000,000 highly-targeted unique visitors and 25,000,000 pageviews to through a diverse mix of mobile and desktop users. The site has an incredibly large and active registered member base of over 800,000 double opt-in members who have produced over 16,000,000 user-generated posts.