• What is your experience with website brokerage?

    Prior to launching WeBrokr in early 2012 we handled web brokerage for private clients for over three years. We noticed the lack of professionalism and quality in the brokerage industry which prompted us to make our skills available to the public. Since WeBrokrs inception we have handled hundreds of transactions and are the leading broker for deals valued in the $500,000 to $5,000,000 range.

  • How long does it take to sell my site?

    We pride ourselves in finding the right buyer for every site we sell. Our typical sale time is 4-6 weeks from listing to having the money in your bank account.

  • How much do you charge to list my site?

    There is NO charge to list your site! We work on a commission basis and only get paid after your site is sold.

  • Will you get me the highest price possible?

    Absolutely! Unlike other brokers who charge an upfront fee or require a ‘retainer’ we only work on a commission basis. The more your site sells for, the more we make in total commission. This gives us incentive to get you the highest price possible for your web property!

  • Will you sign an NDA?

    Absolutely, we take the privacy of our Buyers and Sellers very seriously. We will also require all interested buyers to sign an NDA before viewing a listing if required by the seller.

  • How is the transfer of money handled?

    We prefer to do all transactions through Escrow.com. We have used Escrow extensively and it has proven to be the most secure method of paying and transferring the web property for both the Seller and Buyer.

  • What percentage do you take from sales?

    We work on a commission basis and our standard commission is 10% of the sale price. We only get paid after your site is sold and you have received the proceeds of the sale in your bank account. There are no other brokers in the industry who have the amount of experience, sales volume, or as many premium Buyers and Sellers as WeBrokr.

  • Will you help me transfer a site I have purchased through you ?

    Yes, once you buy a site we have listed we will help you with all domain, files, database, hosting, etc. transfers if needed.

  • Will you meet with interested Buyers and Sellers in person ?

    Yes, cultivating a great relationship with our clients is our number one goal. Face-to-face meetings aren’t something we do just for business, meeting with our clients is something we quite frankly enjoy. We are more than happy to travel anywhere to meet with clients and can hop on the next flight out at anytime.